Let customers spread the cost, right from your checkout

How much extra business could you get
by offering finance options at your checkout?

By spreading the cost, customers are more likely to

  • Trade up to higher value items

  • Complete the purchase there and then

  • Add in something extra

The cost becomes affordable as a monthly payment

Buyline lets you offer this option within your checkout.

Capture more sales, capture higher value sales, all at the click of a button.

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How it works for your customers

When shopping online, customers are shown both the price if they 'buy now' and the monthly cost if they choose to 'pay later'. It's just a button to click, followed by a simple credit form.

Online, on the phone or even in person

However you close the sale, we have the right option for your customers.

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How it works for your business

Buyline makes it easy and secure for you to extend flexible finance to your customers. We're FCA regulated, taking on the responsibility for lending to your clientele.

No one likes to be turned down for finance, but we minimise this by offering a host of bespoke options to suit your customers. We'll work in partnership with you to ensure all goes smoothly.

It won't take long to get things up and running. Once you confirm to us that the goods or services have been supplied, we'll settle payment with you the very next day.

You sell, you supply, you get paid... it's that simple.

Is Buyline right for your business?

Finance isn't always the answer. If Buyline is not right for you, then it's not right for us either. We'll discuss your business with you and advise you as to whether it would be the best solution.

Unlike some other credit providers we use our own money, therefore we aren't restricted to the typical credit score approach used by the banks.

We do have some smart technology to help us but we find the personal touch goes a long way. If in the past you've found that "computer says no", then try talking to the humans at Buyline.

The Buyline advantage

Offering finance options is an effective way to power up your sales. Here's an example:

A customer has added a sofa to their basket for £1,500. Next they add an armchair for £550. Suddenly their total is over £2,000, more than they can afford right now.

Man buying sofa on laptop

Instead of abandoning the checkout, they see that they can pay for the sofa for just £56 a month. And if they add the armchair, the monthly payment only goes up to £77 a month. So now they start looking to add in a footstool and some cushions as well

Thanks to the credit option, a sale that was very nearly lost has become one which is even more valuable.

Bespoke Buyline
Loan sizes from £250
Repayment terms from 6 months
Deposits from 0%
Low cost, from Interest Free 0% APR

We're happy to tailor a finance package to help you close sales

About Buyline

At Buyline we help buyers buy and sellers sell.

We are:

  • transparent
  • straightforward
  • expert

Give your business the Buyline advantage: capture more sales, capture higher value sales, all at the click of a button.