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Creative point-of-sale finance, designed around you for your customers
Helping customers is good business. Helping customers to buy from you is better business.

Our business is to help you surpass your customer’s expectations with the offer of flexible finance options.
How much extra business could you generate by offering your customers the option of finance?

By spreading the cost, customers are more likely to…..

  • Trade up to higher value purchases

  • Add in something extra

  • Complete the purchase there and then

The purchase cost becomes more affordable as a regular payment

Capture more sales, higher value sales and maintain an ongoing customer relationship with Buyline’s EXTRA facility.

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Here’s how Buyline works for your business

Buyline makes it easy for you to offer your customers the option to convert the purchase cost into an affordable regular payment to be paid over a period of time that suits them.

Depending on the purchase and cost, Buyline offers finance periods between 6 and 60 months, so we are sure to have an option that suits.

If your customer is interested in finance, we need them to answer a few simple questions about their circumstances and once all is approved, we send your customer an email with the credit agreement for e-signing.

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If there is an issue with the customer approval, then we will be in touch to see what we can do to help. We want to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Unlike many larger organisations, we believe that a human conversation is the best way.

We will let you know immediately your customer has e-signed the agreement, which means you can be confident that payment from Buyline for the goods or services to be supplied is assured.

Once you confirm that the goods or services have been supplied, we will settle your invoice promptly.

It won’t take long to get things up and running. We keep the formalities to a minimum so you can concentrate on providing great customer service, whilst we take care of payment and providing flexible options enabling your customers to repay us………it’s that simple!

How does Buyline benefit your customers?

It’s all about customers!

Customer expectations are forever increasing, and this applies as much to payment options as anything else.

Customers want to buy, help them buy from you by converting the upfront cost to an affordable regular payment. Helping them spread the cost with low cost finance will enable your sales and delighting customers.

What is Buyline’s Extra?

Offering finance options is an effective way to power up your sales. Here's an example:

A customer is considering purchasing a new Chesterfield sofa, ideally a 3 seater but it’s more than they can afford right now. Then they notice that finance is available – the 3 seater is just £90 per month, which they know is within their budget.

Instead of abandoning the purchase, the finance application is submitted and approved with a Buyline EXTRA of £9 per month for anything else they might like to include in the order, so they add a matching footstool as well.

Chesterfield Sofa

By converting the upfront cost to a regular payment the sale was made, the customer delighted as they were able to order what they really wanted and with Buyline’s EXTRA they were able to add something extra!

New to finance?

Let’s open the box to more business success!

It is likely that your competitors are offering their customers flexible payment options? If they are, then you need to move fast.

If you’ve not used finance previously then you are missing out and so are your customers.

Buyline provides point-of-sale finance for a wide range of businesses, helping them succeed through the provision of customer-centric payment options.

Whether sales are made online, over the phone or in person we can help.

With support from the dedicated Buyline team, we make it easy and provide you with a bespoke solution that will delight your customers and help you achieve your objectives.

We don’t suggest that we can take your sales into the stratosphere, but we have astronauts at the ready just in case!

If you think we can help, and we know we can, we’d love to hear from you.

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Are you disappointed with your current finance provider?

  • Are your competitors offering their customers more flexible payment options?
  • Does your existing finance provider offer you the service you need?
  • Are you frustrated by computer says No!

If you are facing such issues and want to know how Buyline exceeds expectations putting your business and the satisfaction of your customers at the heart of what we do, then you need to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Designed around you for your customers.

Buyline creates straightforward and transparent finance plans.

Our plans typically include unrivalled flexibility to help you capture sales and delight customers.

Purchases from £250
Deposits from 0%
Payment terms 6 to 60 months
Low cost, from Interest Free 0% APR
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Are your customers businesses?

If your customers are businesses, then we can help them also.

Please look here to see how Buyline for business helps your business customers finance their investment purchases.

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