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What are the benefits of becoming a Buyline Business Partner?

The potential of more sales and super-delighted customers! Your customers will be able to spread the cost and pay over time, but you still receive payment immediately once the goods and / or services have been supplied.

How do I become a Buyline Business Partner?

Our Business Partner Team want to understand your business and what you want to achieve. We offer a bespoke service, meaning that we are delighted to offer a payment solution that’s a perfect fit for your business and your customers.

To discuss your requirements please email or call us on 03330 230 134

Do I need to be FCA authorised to be a Buyline Business Partner?

You do not need to be FCA authorised to partner with Buyline. However, not being authorised does restrict the credit terms that can be offered. With authorisation comes the opportunity to offer greater flexibility.

Applying for FCA authorisation is much simpler than you think and, again, Buyline can help by offering an FCA application support service through its preferred partner. If you’re interested, ask us for more details by emailing or calling us on 03330 230 134.

What is the criteria to sign up as a Buyline Business Partner?

We pride ourselves on partnering with likeminded businesses. Those who not only have an entrepreneurial spirit but those who believe that offering exceptional products/services, exceeding expectations on service, and treating customers fairly is the key to a successful business. This means we don’t limit ourselves to arbitrary sales turnover figures or minimum trading periods. At Buyline, we take a more flexible approach recognising that all businesses have to start somewhere!

Business start-up? Established firm? No problem! Buyline’s Business Partners are all different – they offer different goods and services through different business models, sizes and channels, but they have a common goal; to give their customers the best possible experience through profitable sales.

What checks do Buyline perform before allowing me to become a Business Partner?

We need to ask some questions about your business, the  owners and other key individuals.

Note: Buyline may supply data about the business and its principals to credit reference agencies (“CRAs”) and they may give information about the business and its principals to Buyline.

Do I have to offer finance on all my products/services?

No. We will discuss with you the products and/or services you would like included.

Can I offer Buyline finance instore and on my website?

Yes! Buyline will provide you with a marketing pack which will tell your customers all about your partnership with Buyline. This information can be used instore or on your website.

Existing Business Partners

How do we know that payment has be made for the goods and/or services supplied?

On the agreed payment date, we will send to your nominated email address a remittance advice details the customer’s name, any customer references supplied and the payment amount. Receipt of the remittance advice is confirmation that the payment amount will be in your bank on the same day.

What do I do if my customer wishes to change some details of the purchase - do I need to inform Buyline?

Yes. It’s important that you keep us updated with any changes that your customer wishes to make. Please contact the Business Partner Team on or call us on 03330 230 134.

My customer has changed their mind about finance. Is there a cooling off period?

Yes, all customers have 14 days in which to change their mind. If your customer informs you that they wish to cancel please contact the Business Partner Team on or call us on 03330 230 134.

I require additional users for the Business Partner Portal, can I create these myself?

No. Buyline can set up additional users at any time for you. Please contact the Business Partner Team on or call us on 03330 230 134.

I’ve forgotten my login details to the Business Partner Portal.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this yourself by selecting the ‘Forgotten?’ text next to the password field on the Business Partner Portal login page. However, if you require any support, please contact the Business Partner Team on or call us on 03330 230 134.

I’ve got new products / services I would like to offer finance on, does Buyline need to approve them first?

Yes. Not only do we need to ensure that the products and/or services are right for Buyline but also, we want to ensure that you and your business get the best out of partnering with Buyline. It might be that we can offer different terms for your new products and/or services.

Please contact the Business Partner Team on or call us on 03330 230 134.