Flexible payment options in the UK aesthetics industry

In today’s world, consumers can purchase almost anything using flexible payment options, from cars to a new sound system, from clothing to household appliances. This also includes aesthetic treatments.

In recent years, especially after the pandemic, clinics across the UK have experienced a rise in demand for non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as Profhilo, Botox injections, laser hair removal, Hydrafacial treatments and more. Additionally, clinics have seen a social shift in behaviour where people would not disclose about having treatment done to being openly talked about and associated with confidence and empowerment. According to research, 43% of adults in the UK consider non-surgical procedures a regular part of their beauty routines.

With an increased demand for aesthetic treatments, now is the perfect time to start implementing flexible payment options into your aesthetic clinic.


How do flexible payment options work for your aesthetic clinic?

When a potential client wants non-surgical aesthetic treatment, flexible finance allows them to have the treatment but make repayments over an agreed timeframe. Although your clients will pay in instalments, your clinic will receive payment at the start of their treatment plan.


Why should your clinic use flexible payment options?

Flexible payment options can benefit your aesthetic clinic in several different ways. Take a look below to learn our top reasons why your clinic should be using flexible payment options.


Compete within your market

In the UK, there are around 950 medical aesthetic clinics, and there is a high chance that most offer a form of flexible finance options for their customers. With your clinic offering favourable payment options combined with a friendly and high-quality service, you will be able to stay competitive and create a strong foothold within the sector.


Attract new customers

With the cost of living rising, customers are now looking for more financially-friendly ways to treat themselves. Offering flexible payment options is an effective way to meet this demand as they can agree on their repayment dates whilst also having complete control over their finances.


Boost customer satisfaction

Over the last few years, consumers have started to shift from traditional payment methods and are looking for effective and affordable ways to pay for products and services. A survey of 1000 consumers from the UK, 54% said that they will start to use flexible finance options instead of their credit card. By offering the option for your customers to pay for treatments over time, you will be meeting their demands, which will boost satisfaction and lead to repeat business and increased sales.


How Buyline can help your clinic

Whether you want to purchase the latest industry equipment or offer your customers a modern and affordable way to pay for your services, our flexible payment experts can help you.

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