How consumer shopping habits change in the summer

Throughout every season, consumers’ shopping behaviours and habits change. Traditionally, during the winter months, consumers will typically make purchases for their loved ones. However, during the summertime, consumers’ habits will tend to shift towards making purchases for themselves.

In this blog, we delve deeper into the reasons why consumer shopping habits change during the summer, why it is important to understand these changes and how implementing point-of-sale finance can help to increase your sales.

Warmer weather influences consumers to shop outside

Although online shopping is easy, quick and convenient, when the summer arrives and the weather starts to get warmer, businesses are likely to see an increase in footfall as consumers can’t help but flock to high streets or shopping malls. These summer shoppers are leaving their homes to purchase different products and services, but they are also doing this with their friends and family. With shoppers in a good mood and with your business offering point-of-sale finance, it will be the perfect opportunity to increase your sales.

Impulse purchases are likely to increase with summer shoppers

All consumers purchase products and services based on different factors, such as their personality, personal preferences and their current location. According to Indeed, there are eleven types of shopping behaviours, but one of the most common one is impulse buying – a product or service obtained by a consumer without any prior research or planning.

The summer season can often make shoppers feel relaxed and happy, resulting in a higher chance of impulses purchases. A study consisting of 2,035 Brits found that 84.4% of people made impulse purchases whilst shopping in-store. With impulse purchases likely to increase, you can help persuade shoppers to make purchases by offering point-of-sale finance – effectively a safety net that allows them to pay the money back over period of time without worrying about an upfront cost.

Discounts on old seasonal items

With the start of a new season, businesses tend to put discounts on older seasonal items such as clothing and home decor to make room for the latest trends. Shoppers love to take advantage of these bargains and prepare for future seasons.

People start home projects during the summer

The summer is the perfect time for people to start new projects such as home renovations because the weather is nicer compared to the other months. If your business is in the home renovation or decoration sector, offering point-of-sale finance on your products or services during the summer is the perfect time to increase your customer base and sales. Consumers will be looking around, trying to find the best deals on different items they might need, such as furniture, fixtures and fittings. With flexible finance, consumers will be able to feel happy knowing that they can spread payments and keep control of their finances.

Cosmetic and dental treatments

The summer is also typically the time for people to enhance their image through different treatments as they want to look their best when the sun is shining. If your business is in the cosmetics, aesthetics or dental sectors, offering flexible payment solutions is the perfect way to boost your sales. Consumers will want to find the most affordable way to pay for the treatments, and flexible finance will allow them to spread the costs to once a month.

Final thoughts

With every new season, consumers’ shopping behaviours and habits will continue to change, making it difficult for businesses to capitalise on. However, with this blog, you can gain an understanding of the habits of shoppers during the summer and how implementing point-of-sale finance with these habits can help you increase your sales.

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