Testimonial – FUE Clinics – Where Hair Grows

FUE Clinics has amassed an exceptional team of expert surgeons and trichologists who specialise in hair transplants and hair restoration.

With decades of experience, they have stayed at the forefront of innovation in the industry and use only the most cutting-edge methods to achieve success for their clients.

Having found that in a world of financial uncertainty many patients would often ask whether they offered a finance option; FUE Clinics knew that they would need to offer flexible payment arrangement options to support an ever-growing patient base.

Beginning their search for a lender, FUE Clinics knew what they wanted from the company they would choose to work with and at the top of the list was ease of communication and efficiency and this is what they found with Buyline.


Jeremy Isherwood – Clinical Director commented “We have found Buyline really approachable, the application and onboarding process was really simple, and we were kept well informed. We have also found the application process for our patients really easy to use”

FUE Clinics pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service to each and every one of their patients. Integrating finance applications into the journey that their patients take needed to be seamless.  Buyline have supported FUE Clinics to implement the application process into their customer journey in a way that has been smooth and simple to use and allows the clinics to easily view the applications that are in progress so they can manage their appointment schedule effectively.

Since becoming a Buyline Business Partner, FUE Clinics have seen a noted increase in turnover and sales. The pandemic has also meant that more of their patients have been keen to use flexible payment arrangements to fund their treatment and by offering this through Buyline they have been able to treat more patients.

Jeremy went on to say “ Buyline are really easy to get along with, all of our dealings with them have been friendly and efficient and we are keen to continue to grow our partnership with them ”

For more information on FUE Clinics, you can visit their website at www.fueclinics.com

If you are interested in becoming a Buyline Business Partner, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.